Funded by the Green Fund, this initiative will increase the University's current recycling diversion rate, help reduce our carbon footprint, and make UTEP a household name in sustainability.

The Miner Recycling System @ UTEP

Miner Recycling System- Educational Video

What is it?

The Miner Recycling System offers a new infrastructure using multi-stream bins allowing for the instant capture and separation of the following materials; paper, aluminum, plastic, and waste. This new recycling initiative is posed to save the University thousands in waste disposal costs and promote a more environmentally conscious attitude across campus.

How does it work?

By optimizing the way the University handles and processes recyclable materials, the MRS applies an innovative approach involving a self-sustainable business model that generates revenue from selling recyclable materials as secondary commodities. The MRS follows a stringent focus on making sustainability profitable, and the development of a student-driven business entity that ensures continuity.

When will it happen?

The Miner Recycling System will be integrated into campus starting with the College of Business, the Union Complex including EPNGCC, and followed by the Library. Before Summer 2014, we expect more than ten buildings to be added to the system, so be sure to be on the lookout for the marketing campaign and follow us closely to check when the next building will be incorporated!